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To Every Girl 

I was recently listening to Scars to Your Beautiful by Allessia Cara. And I thought of something powerful.

All girls, whether cis or trans female, are strong and beautiful. Studies have shown cis women to be a bit smarter than cis males (not knowing how much of the intelligence difference is due to hormones, I cannot say if this theory holds true with trans males), and all women are beautiful as long as they take care of themselves. Hell, being biologically female gives me an attraction ability somewhat superior to my cis male counterparts.

Point being, ladies, don’t look at magazine cover beauties to determine your status. Beauty is determined by your mind, your potential, your character and inner strength. Not by how skinny you are or how much makeup or lack thereof you have on.

So put down the razor, eat some food, don’t worry so much about your makeup or clothes. We guys find you plenty attractive without the makeup and even with those extra curves. Being a bit round through the hips and stomach can actually make you more attractive than a skeleton outline would.

Stay pretty and free, kids.

I hope I have some younger female readers, soon, to whom I can feel like I am directly speaking. Until then, if the ladies who are following me can share my message with any young ladies they know, that would be great.

Thanks readers. 😀



I am a writer, a dreamer, and a realist. I enjoy music of most types and never write without some tunes.

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