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Happy New Year + What I Did Last Year

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you have made some goals, and I hope you are able to stick to the, as the year progresses.

So … last year I accomplished a lot of goals. And a lot of change happened in my formerly unchanging life.

I turned 18 years old on May 7, 2016. It was awesome to finally be a legal adult. I have always felt so much older than my age. Mostly because I needed to be responsible for a large amount of things, whatvwith my mom being sick a lot.

I graduated high school. The whole graduation ceremony was boring. Well, the valedictorian and salutatorian  speeches were funny. The salutatorian did a rap parody of some rapper’s song (I think it was Drake) and it was hilarious. The valedictorian had a very meaningful speech. Unfortunately, I remember very little of what he said. I graduated May 27, 2016. It was nice to be ready to start college.

Last summer I started my first job. As an electrician’s apprentice. It was with a small company which had done work on my mom’s electric in the past. The owner of the company, my boss, was a very nice middle-aged man. He was actually a bit like the father I never truly had.Which was nice.

I worked as an electrician’s apprentice for almost two months. I loved every minute of it. There was always something new and interesting to do, everyday that I worked. Sadly, I was unable to keep the job because my employer became in debt and had to let some of his employees go. I was sad to lose the job, but I hoped to find an even better one.

The job I found next involved working in the healthcare industry. I care for mentally and physically disabled people. I don’t particularly like the job, but hey, it’s money to enable my mom and I live.  I hope to find a new job in the electronics industry. I love working with computers.

Fall 2016, August 24 to be exact, I started classes at my local community college. I am going for an associates in automotive technology. I’m basically a glorified car mechanic. Last semester, I had a math class, two different writing classes, and an automotive class. The writing classes were fun. I learned a great deal about effective essay writing from the first class, and I learned how to clearly and concisely write non-fiction, or “technical”, writing, which was not something I ever thought I would need to be good at. Wow, have those writing classes paid off.

The math class which I took last semester was interesting. The teacher wasn’t the best, but I really like math, so I still did well in it. The afore-mentioned automotive class was fascinating. I learned all sorts of interesting thing about cars, which I never knew before. I also learned how to change the oil in my car, how to operate the vehicle lift, and how to change the disk brakes on one of the other guys’ car. All told, I highly enjoyed last semester’s classes, and am excited to take this semester’s.

I started looking for a car as soon as I earned my drivers license, which was June, 2016. I looked in the papers and any time I noticed a car advertised for sale on the side of the road, I checked it out. While I was looking for my own car, I drove my dad’s van where ever I needed to go. June became mid September, and I had still not found a car. Until I noticed a beautiful, white, 1992 Cadillac Sedan DeVille.

Now, let me explain why older model Cadillacs are special to me. All the time I remember, growing up, until about age 12, my mom had this gold 1988 Caddy Sedan DeVille, and I always loved the thing. It had all this cool electronic stuff on the dash, and such roomy leather seats, and a huge trunk, and I just thought it was awesome. So, naturally, I was quite sad when the car finally broke down and became undriveable.

My mom bought a 2003 Dodge Durango, after this, and, while it is a great SUV, it never was the same as that Cadillac.

So, I found this awesome Cadillac, and I wasn’t able to pass it up. I bought it within a week of discovering it. I only paid $1200 for it, too. Sweet!

And so, I have done a lot of things this past year. I got a job, a car, and started a college education. I have started saving 10% of my income toward future college education. And, most importantly, I have discovered my transgender identity. I have been able to do a lot. Yay.

On to my 2017 goals:

To save $6,000 toward either transitioning toward my male identity (getting the surgeries and starting testosterone shots, etc.), or toward my future college education.

To gain 10 lbs of muscle mass.

To read at least 50 books.

To have 200 followers to by blog.

To create a YouTube channel and upload at least 20 videos to it.

To make straight A’s in all my classes.

To start testosterone hormone replacement therapy.

To find a job I really love.

To learn to play the drums.

To take up fencing again.

To write 400 blog posts.

And, that about covers my goals for this year. 

What are you goals? Share in the comment section, below.

See ya’ next blog. 🙂



I am a writer, a dreamer, and a realist. I enjoy music of most types and never write without some tunes.

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